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Better workspace-full

Better workspace-full is a fork of Gitpod's workspace-full (see gitpod-io/workspace-images).

It has multiple quality-of-life changes over the normal workspace-full, and is a ton smaller.


Unlike workspace-full, better-wsfull uses Debian instead of Ubuntu, which saves roughly 300 megabytes from the final image.


To use the image, start a workspace in Gitpod, and create a .gitpod.yml file if you don't have one already.

In the file, add this line: image: rdilpickle/better-wsfull. If you already have an image object, just replace it with the string definition. Next commit and push your changes.

Applying the image

The image will not take effect until you create a new workspace from the repository after you commit the .gitpod.yml.

Language/Framework Support

Here are some languages and frameworks we may or may not support.


We support Python just like the upstream image.

One change we have made is we don't use Pyenv, but instead use Python as a base image. This fixes a lot of issues caused by Pyenv.


Node.js comes preinstalled, along with npm, npx, TypeScript (tsc), and Yarn v1.


gdb comes preinstalled.


Java 8 (a recent AdoptOpenJDK version), Maven, and Gradle come preinstalled.

Last update: 2020-11-30