Getting Started with LiquidBT

Getting started is relatively simple. Just install, configure, and use.


LiquidBT requires Python 3.4 or later to be installed on your system.


To install, execute the command listed under your system's name:


sudo python3 -m pip install --upgrade liquidbt


python3 -m pip install --upgrade --user liquidbt


python -m pip install --upgrade --user liquidbt

Migrating From setuptools

If you are using setuptools right now, you can change over pretty easily.

  1. Install LiquidBT.
  2. Change the directory that the source is in (not the root directory)'s name to include a .s at the end. Don't make it a file, just add the .s suffix to the folder's name. This tells Liquid that you want this to be the source directory.
  3. You will need to basically rewrite your to fit Liquid's API. First, copy the arguments you pass to setuptools.setup, and save it somewhere you can use it. You will need it later. Once you do this, you can delete the contents of your, and proceed to step 4.
  4. If your saved setuptools config has any of these fields, remove them from your backup: name, include_package_data, zip_safe, packages.
  5. Add this code, replacing the placeholders with your own actual data:
import liquidbt
# the build plugin contains the core functionality
from liquidbt_plugin_build import (
    BuildConfiguration, BuildPackageSet, SourceDist,
    WheelBinaryDist, Build
)  # most packages opt to make source dists and wheel dists

theset = BuildPackageSet()

config = BuildConfiguration(
    # PASTE the setuptools args you saved here

# you can create a new BuildConfiguration for
# every package if this is a monorepo, and
# add them here

# the plugins all handle functionality, liquidbt.main
# is just a wrapper to delegate tasks to the loaded
# plugins.
# you can also add any plugins to this list after build,
# since most plugins require the build plugin to be in memory
# for one reason or another.

You have now migrated. You can now run to build, and if you add any plugins you can run somePluginAddedCommand.

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