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Python Library intutils

intutils is a small library for manipulating integers. If you have any helpful functions that deal with integers, please feel free to add them.


The name of the package on PyPI is intutils.

Installing Packages

See this guide for how to install packages.


Start by importing the library. From there, you can use any of these functions:

Function Description New In
is_even(number: int) -> bool Returns if the passed number is even. 1.0.0
is_odd(number: int) -> bool Returns if the passed number is odd. 1.0.0
is_int(testable: object) -> bool Returns if the passed object is an int. 1.1.0
divisible_by_no_decimals(number: int, divisor: int) -> bool Returns if the passed number can be divided by the other passed number without the result containing decimals. 1.1.0
sort_greatest_to_least(mylist: list) -> list: Returns the passed integer list, sorted from greatest to least. 2.0.0

Type Hints

The functions listed in the table all have type hints. I suggest you use them, but they aren't forced.


The source can be found on GitHub.

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