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RDIL Project Archive

Here you can view some of my projects that have reached the Deprecated / Unsupported status.


Source: rdil/Snowfall.

Snowfall is a small script that puts "snowflakes" on your website. It requires jQuery to function. It has been archived because it is essentially complete, and I no longer have time to maintain it.

Source: rdil/

Just a dumb website in general. It has been archived because it is no longer hosted.


Source: rdil/SpaceGameThing

A game where you have to press Space when the dot is over the line. It is built with Processing for Java, sorted into 3 different difficulties. All the files needed for runtime are in the repository. It has been archived because it was just something small I made that I have no intention of maintaining anymore.

Lowercase Booleans

Source: rdil/lowercase_booleans

A library that adds lowercase booleans to Python. It has been archived because it was very small, and should use the more extensible lcpy.


Source: rdil/Notjavascript

A utility library from the JVM platform. It has been archived because it didn't seem like it was worth keeping afloat.

Skyblock Minion Cost Calculator

Source: rdil/skyblock-minion-calc

A calculator for the cost of some minions in Hypixel Skyblock. It has been archived because much better tools exist.


Source: rdil/EduAid

An open source and privacy centered replacement for Google Classroom. It has been archived because I simply can't continue development due to time constraints.

Last update: 2020-06-16